Welcome to Regional Earth System Predictability Research (RESPR), Inc.

RESPR has been an R&D company since its inception in 2002 that develops and commercializes various proprietary and patented technologies. The early RESPR atmospheric simulation R&D efforts focused in the renewable energy sector, particularly wind and solar energy. RESPR is also actively developing weather data products and services for other renewable energy types (geothermal, hydro, and biomass/biofuels).

One specific RESPR atmospheric R&D effort, undertaken over the past 13 years, has resulted in a cutting-edge weather “measurement” method, which is an alternative method to the typical sensor based measurement approach. With this atmospheric simulation technology (RESPR AST), we are able to produce (or “measure”) weather information, “on par” with actual measurements, anywhere in the world, for the past 30+ years. The RESPR AST is also being utilized for real-time forecasts into the future (from hours to months (e.g., 9 months)) for use in many commercial applications.

These weather/climate data products, based on the RESPR AST, are critical because…

“Weather affects many industries and timely, accurate weather information plays a critical role in increasing economic productivity and mitigating/preventing economic loss and traditional sensor based weather measurement approaches are expensive and limiting in space and time. It’s time we utilize an effective alternative available in RESPR AST. ” Quote by Dr. James Stalker, Founder of RESPR.

Because of the broader utility of the RESPR AST, by global customers, for producing weather/climate data for numerous industries, starting in 2014, RESPR has begun to roll out these comprehensive, consistent, and accurate data products to many industries, including aviation, financial trading, climate, agriculture, etc.


RESPR plans to aggressively reach out to these global clients with its cutting-edge weather/climate data products/services. If your business uses weather/climate data products/services, we want to learn about your needs and share our solutions.

RESPR is an 13+ year old New Mexico high-tech Small Business, located in Las Cruces, southern New Mexico.  RESPR is the umbrella company for multiple Divisions to serve its different customers effectively and with the focus they deserve.

WindForces (www.WindForces.com), a RESPR, Inc. division, offers cutting-edge wind energy assessment services using RESPR Atmospheric Simulation Technology (AST).  This technology involves the use of (i) high-resolution input data sets, (ii) supercomputer (Beowulf) clusters, (iii) thoroughly tested atmospheric and other models, and (iv) highly specialized expertise.

SunCloudConfluence (www.Solar-Energy-Assessment.com), a RESPR, Inc. division, offers cutting-edge solar energy assessment and forecasting services using RESPR Atmospheric Simulation Technology (AST). This technology involves the use of (i) high-resolution input data sets, (ii) supercomputer (Beowulf) clusters, (iii) thoroughly tested atmospheric and other models, and (iv) highly specialized expertise.

GREEN based Consulting (www.GreenbasedConsulting.com), a RESPR, Inc. division, offers consulting services to renewable energy project developers worldwide.  GREEN based Consulting takes the time to understand customer needs first before attempting to offer customized consulting services.  These consulting services are grouped into a) roadmap development, b) project implementation, and c) project operations.

PerpetualIdeation (www.PerpetualIdeation.com), a RESPR, Inc. division, offers technology product development expertise and application development services, either solely or in partnership with other companies (both big and small), to U.S. Government, State, and local agencies, and domestic and international businesses.  RESPR is a U.S. owned Small Business, registered in the Federal CCR database.

RESPR engages in applied and basic R&D efforts and offers technology commercialization services to develop James Stalker’s patented technologies.  Currently, RESPR is involved in the commercialization effort of two “patent pending” Energy Optimization and Web Enhancing technologies.

If interested in any of the RESPR products and services or have a question, please contact James Stalker at jrstalker@respr.com or call 202.239.9000 to schedule a phone meeting.

Note: RESPR has recently opened a satellite office in Washington, D.C.